Welcome WIA Members
Welcome W.R.M.B.A (Western Regional Master Builders Association) , C.M.S.A (California Merchant Safety Association) , C.A.S.A (California Automotive Services Association, C.C.S.A (California Couriers Safety Association) , C.A.D.S.A (California Auto Dealers Safety Association) ,C.P.E.A (California Professional Electronics Association) , C.G.I.S.A (California Gaming Industry Safety Association), C.O.P.S.A (California Oil & Petroleum Safety Association)

ICB is your Association's choice for Health Insurance, You can choose from any of the following carriers, simply click on Request Free Quote now and you will receive your quote in 5-7 business days.

Available plans for Associaiton Members to choose from:
Health Carriers: Blue Shield of California , Blue Cross of California , Kaiser Permanente, Health Net, California Choice, Aetna, PacifiCare, and more.
Dental Carriers: Humana Dental, Delta Dental, Smile Saver, SafeGuard, and more.
Vision: VSP (Vision Service Plan), SafeGuard, EyeMed
Chiropractic: American Specialty Health Plans, Landmark Healthplan